wist: (monkey puppy)
wist ([personal profile] wist) wrote2008-11-22 12:37 pm

Epic Pchat


Not bad for my second ever paint chat eh?  Sure there are many many things wrong with this picture.. but I kind of like it. And you know what? That pastel baby colored dragon back there, ya him, he’s very comfortable in his masculinity. [Could help that VietMan is there, but whatever. ] (Everyone, let’s ignore the fact that she is not wearing an áo dài, but some sort of … weird combination of a qípáo and her original costume. ) So I went back and edited a few very terrible errors out (I hope).

The cut to the full journal entry is very picture heavy so beware.


And that’ s all folks. Things started going downhill at about this slide and Viet even lost all her clothes.

and the final one fixed up a bunch so it sucked less.

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