Feb. 7th, 2011

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Actually that title’s more than a little dramatic, but I’m feeling live a Diva, so indulge me.

I was introduced to tegaki sometime last year, and since then have managed to produce exactly two pictures.  One is this guy:

I’m normally pretty self conscious about this kind of thing, but why? Well, since I’ve got no answer that’s any good, I  guess I haven’t got any reason to be. So, indulging in both a little self-love and plenty of badly structured sentences, I present to you my tegaki avatar. That’s a rather accurate depiction of me, insofar as scribbles go, even though my hair’s a lot shorter than that right now. I also don’t have glowing dots circling around the back of my head, and usually lack a manifestation of the visual depiction of what I’m talking about too. I’m talking about plants by the way, if that wasn’t clear. I’m also sounding kind of like a tool but it’s okay; I’m a diva for at least 10 more minutes.

The next picture I can’t even explain but am going to try to do anyway, because one day I may want to know what I was smoking/ disillusioning myself with.

This is currently my first tegaki post, as well as what I hope will be my last. Though once I say this out loud, it means in about 2 months I’ll be selling my soul to the damn place. Curse you, self. You and your masochistic tendencies. Curse. You. Its not been a pleasant time for me. In fact, this person’s picture quite sums up the tegaki experience:

QQ on Tegaki E

While you’re clicking through links though, you should think about checking out some of the amazing artists that use that site. Seriously, there are some great things going on there.

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