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- Feelgood Habits
Characters: Tarn, Kaon
- Tarn and Kaon share a moment indulging in a bunch of prompts smashed together 

Robot Smooches
Characters: First Aid, Skids
- Unapologetic awkward romantic fluff

Closure. For Your Peace of Mind.
Characters: Rung, Fortress Maximus, Ultra Magnus, Whirl, Red Alert, Rodimus
- Dark!Rung but not Shattered Glass

A Matter of Value
Characters: Wheeljack, Optimus Prime
- Temporary tide-me-over  fix-it fic
How Death Came to Meet Him
Characters: Starscream
- Starscream and death

- In the Company of
Characters: Ambulon, Swerve, Pharma
- Contemplation on Ambulon's behalf

- No Feeling Quite Like It
Characters: Sam, Rinzler
- Graphic content of the no-good variety. And a lot of it.

- The Idol; More than Absolute
Characters: Tron/Rinzler & Tron/Rinzler
- Rinzler on Rinzler action. AU so this is possible.

- Getting out wasn't the Escape
Characters: Tron/Rinzler
- Rinzler leaves the Grid and finds himself a stranger in a new, confusing world
- He doesn't die, and this is the story of what he does to cope with the culture shock and imposition of new physical laws
- Loop. Again. Loop
Characters: Clu, Rinzler/Tron, Secret Canon Character
- Rinzler finds unwanted absolution
- Learning Curve
Characters: Kevin Flynn, Clu, Rinzler/Tron
- Twice, Flynn shows Ton something new

- Abloo bloo bloo blah blah
Characters: Kevin Flynn, Clu, Rinzler/Tron
- Parody.
- Crack

- Furthest Point [Detective AU]
Characters: Ram, Rinzler, Tron, Yori
- Tiny drabble from an AU

- Seriously, 8-it Love
Characters: Bits mostly and some side orders
- Silly Valentines fic
- Look at bit romance
Mass Effect

- This is Routine & Author's Note
Characters: Feron, Tazzik, Yahg Shadow Broker [who is more of a presence really]

- Paint you up in my [badass] love, Baby & Author's Note
Characters: Generic unnamed female Shepard, Mordin

- Ah yes, "Old Saint Nick." We have dismissed that claim
Characters: Kolyat, Oriana, Miranda , Joker, Generic unnamed male Shepard, EDI, Udina, Bailey, Kelly, Haron, Kasumi & Additional small cameos

- Say what now?
Characters: Generic unnamed female Shepard, Thane, Feron, Liara

- The Novelty
Characters: Tazzik, The Shadow Broker (Yahg)

- Sins of the Father
Characters: Thane, Kolyat, Generic unnamed male Shepard, Mordin, Garrus
Sins of the Father choose your own adventure/ending:
- Some Small Measure of Comfort
The Paragon Ending
- Frail, Hollow and Misappropriated
The Renegade Ending
- Much needed Author's note
Because this was much needed.

Original Fiction
LOL, maybe someday I'll link some of that stuff. But today is not that day. Next week doesn't look good either.


(Most likely to be completed)

A Temporary Fix (TFP)
Characters: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knock Out, Breakdown 
- Megatron welds Starscream's mouth shut but Starscream was pretty much asking for it
- Soundwave approves of the change. Sort of.
- Knock Out tries to take advantage of the situation via a joke but forgets he's dealing with Starscream
- And a Steve was there
- Predicted rating: PG-13 to R
- Cortical Psyche Patch. The Beta Version (TFP)
Characters: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave
- Megatron and Soundwave work at developing the Cortical Psyche Patch technology
- Soundwave is rewarded for his good work with increasingly better test subjects
- Turns out the procedure runs differently if the patient is conscious
- Predicted rating: PG-13

- Never let poor Steve join in any reindeer games (TFP)
Characters: Vehicon Steve, Starscream
- Steve's got a problem and the Nemesis doesn't have a support group for this kind of thing
- Predicted rating: PG
- Temporary Respite for Ratchet (TFP) 
Characters: Ratchet, Optimus Prim, Arcee, Bulkhead, Raf, Miko, June, Jack, Bumblebee, Wheeljack
- Ratchet and Optimus share a dialogue on companionship and observations
- The kids and the 'bots have their slumber party
- Ratchet finds his own distractions 
- Predicted rating: PG-13

(Less likely to be completed) 
(due to lost files, lack of enthusiasm, lack of betas, etc)
Need to drum up some external interest to really get the ball rolling again with these guys. :(

A Bad Influence (TFP)
Characters: Megatronus, Orion Pax, Starscream, Soundwave, Some Guy
- Orion Pax, Megatronus, and Soundwave wait for their first audience with the Council and remark on the decadence available to the higher castes
- Megatronus meets Starscream for the first time and is promptly ignored
- Starscream is an amazing jerk (who ends up having some political standing)
- Starscream gets worse and glorifies something that really has no right to be glorified
- Predicted rating: R

Did you need a hand? (TFP) 
Characters: Megatron, Starscream, Skyquake
- Domestic squabbles aboard the Nemesis. Nothing new.
- Megatron has a good laugh at Starscream's expense, laying on the symbolism pretty thick
- Starscream isn't interested at reading between the lines or learning any lessons here
- Predicted rating: light R? (Ratings are still hard)

Untitled (TFP) 
Characters: Laserbeak, Starscream, Soundwave
- Someone is seducing someone here. Maybe. Things are never straightforward with Starscream
- Soundwave doesn't have a lot to say for himself
- Predicted rating: PG-13 to light R (Ratings are hard you guys)

Primes don't Joke Either (TFP) 
Characters: Ratchet, Optimus Prim, Arcee, Bulkhead, Raf, Miko, June, Jack, Bumblebee
- Everyone gives Ratchet a hard time about something he's said
- June Darby is an adult and commiserates 
- June Darby than heads out for a 'girl's night out' with Arcee
- Jack isn't sure how he feels about this development 
- Predicted rating: G

Long Lived Species (G1 inspired) 
Characters: Starscream, Jetfire/Skyfire
- Once upon a type Starscream and Skyfire were both little robot kids
- Turns out Starscream was always kind of a jerk
- Poor Skyfire never stood a chance once Starscream put his mind to something
- Skyfire is SO NOT DOWN with some of Starscreams's efforts later on in life but he's still impressed despite himself
- Predicted rating: G, G, G, then R

Old Games. Same Rules. (TFP)
Characters: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave 
-  Straight up PWP for the Kink Meme... I just need to find a prompt to graft this onto
- Megatron and Starscream and Soundwave.
- One of these people is less than pleased about their involvement in the usual power games. 
- Predicted rating: R

Suffocating and Insidious (TFP)
Characters: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave 
-  There's a period where the effects of the dark energon got worse before it got manageable
- Predicted rating: R (for horror)

(Most likely to be completed) 

Clockwork Ghosts 
Characters: Eckert, Rinzler, Zuse, Sirens
- When the games are done and all threats have been eliminated, Rinzler must seek out ways to fill the time until his next directive
- Predicted rating: PG
- Reduce, Reuse 
Characters: Sark, Rinzler, 
- "Sexy Guro Funtimes in the recycling bin"
- Program gore can't possible count as real guro
- Rocks fall and Sark catches on a little quicker than Rinzler
- Predicted rating: NC-17
- Girls Night In(system)
Characters: Yori, Quorra
- Lady program bonding, hair grows!
- Yori is sophisticated compared to Quorra's youthful exuberance
- Guest star: Adventure!Tron
- Predicted rating: G-T
Alternately: A picture of Yori in her cape and very little else: "Have fun on your quest/mission/adventure"

Colour for the Blind 
Characters: Ram, Lora, Alan, Sam, Quorra, Tron/Rinzler
- People don't really give Ram enough credit
- Team Users+ISO again contemplate Rinzler's potential recovery
- Ram is not privy to the larger reason they all find themselves at the Baines-Bradley summer house
- The programs enjoy their first ever garden (where they're allowed to stick their hands in the mud and bend the flowers)
- Predicted rating: PG
- It's not coming off 
Characters: Sam, Quorra
- Spending too much time on the Grid leaves Sam with circuitry IRL and the behavioural byproduct of this change
- Quorra was worried this would happen
- Predicted rating: PG-13 

- Open your Mouth, Gift Horse
Characters: Rinzler, Tron  
- Rinzler isn't afraid of the sea, nor what it gives him
- Predicted rating: R
- Returning Borrowed Time
Characters: a whole lot of Rinzler
- Tron/Rinzler mulls over how the Grid has changed, and what this means for Security
- Predicted rating: PG
- White Walls
Characters: Alan, Sam, Tron/Rinzler, Quorra
- Another look at what might happen if Rinzler managed to escape the Grid,
- But with a slightly more realistic approach
- Sam's forced to come clean when Alan gets a call
- Predicted rating: PG-13 to R for disturbing content

- Poisonous Midas   [AU]
Characters: Abraxas 
- Abraxas contemplates the rain, the water cycle, and what this might mean for him
- An alternate universe that sees Clu leaping before he looked with the Virus, and his system and city seeing the consequences 
- Predicted rating: PG-13 to R  depends on level of disturbing content

- (Those who could make it) Home for the Holidays
Characters: Ram, Roy, Rinzler/Tron, Sam, Alan, Clu_1, Bit, 
- Roy meets Ram for the first time
- Clu_1 and Bit get along frighteningly well with the User world
- Alan brings a sober note to the festivities by reminding everyone how reality works
- Predicted rating: PG
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more
Characters: Anon, Gibson
- Fresh out of the grave, and straight into the bottle, Gibson assures anyone who'll listen than he's Just Fine
- And then while taking advantage of our resident yes-man, Gibson handles an awkward question with a lot more class than expected
- Predicted rating: PG
You forgot to carry the 0.01
Characters: Castor, Rinzler
- Castor knows when an opportunity is presented to him, and seizes the  day
- Rinzler can also maul opportunities as they blithely pass by
- Predicted rating: light R
(Less likely to be completed) (due to lost files, lack of enthusiasm, lack of betas, etc)
Need to drum up some external interest to really get the ball rolling again with these guys. :( 

Time's Square Root 
Characters: Alan, Sam, Lora, Ram, Tron/Rinzler, Clu_1, Bit, Quorra
Characters: Sam, Rinzler
- This is the reason everyone was at the airport
- This is how we party in the User world
- Programs play Monkey See, Monkey Do (without any pushing)
- Predicted rating: PG

Metal Detectors Ended up Being a Problem
Characters: Alan, Sam, Ram, Tron/Rinzler, Clu_1, Bit
- Crowded airports are never fun with you're someone with someplace to be
- Until you realise that everyone thinks they have someplace to be. Children, animals in kennels, and programs included 
- Predicted rating: G

This is not our Kingdom 
Characters: Tron/Rinzler, Quorra, Alan, Sam
- Rehabilitating the program that used to be Rinzler isn't going the way Team Protagonist wants
- A drive is taken so everyone can enjoy some forced quiet mental space
- Turns out the scenic route took them to a scenic destination
- Quorra understands things the Users can't
- Predicted rating: PG

Mass Effect


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