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No really, this isn’t a joke. You’ve got quite a lot of explaining to do — about a lot of things, actually. But foremost, I want you to tell me why you have this old image uploaded into your archives. I was going through your things while you were out — no shut up, this isn’t about me, this is about YOU. Don’t try to change the subject.

How long have you even had this, and more importantly: why? By the way, Blog, the correct answer is: “because of the baby bunny,” and NOT: “because of the young lady (who thought a red blouse, red shorts, and a blue cap was a good idea for jog-wear)”.

The former is vaguely excusable. The latter, creepy as anything, so cut it out.

But seriously, what is even going on in this photo? Why am I scowling at a tiny rabbit while in the third-worst outfit imaginable?

I can only assume it is because I hated small, precious animals. Or the more likely scenario; because I’m just so innately awkward. Yeah, that’s just the way we roll around. You best respect.

Ugh. I see what you did there, Blog. Trying to distract me, eh? Well it won’t work this time! Mark my words, Blog, I’m going to keep going through your stuff and I better not find anymore images of young girls.

This is just getting weird.

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