Nov. 22nd, 2008

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I haven’t been very active here on my blog for the last week, but I plan to remedy this.

Today I’m posting random WIPs and sketches from around September of this year –so new-ish stuff.

My shoe. I forgot I needed to have a still life drawn for class which was due in about 8 minutes. Whipped this thing up in  6. Graphite stick? (red filter on gimp because it was boring.)

Just a warm up sketch done in class. Wished I had had more time to work on this, I liked where it was going. Graphite stick again, probably.


Ok, now for the naked people. These are just linearts, no shading was allowed.

My first time drawing live nudes. It was pretty fun, this guy is apparently the city’s best model. Pretty shoddy camera photos though. All gesture drawings. Various materials. The last full body picture is probably my favorite; it was around here that I started getting into the swing of the exercise.

Second model, still line arts,  first woman model. This lady had a whole bunch of body modifications (that I didn’t draw): decorative scarring, tattoos and piercings. She did have some pretty awesome hair though.

First model again. I liked the way I managed to use just lines and still describe plane shifts on the body.

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Paint Chat

Nov. 22nd, 2008 05:12 am
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So last night I had the bright idea of trying a paint chat for the first time with some pretty stellar people.  I hadn’t done any digital art since the summer and guess what I learned? Boy do I SUCK. It was so hard getting into the groove again. And I still don’t know what half the buttons on the board do.

Anyway here are a few progression images as I was finishing up my little monstrosity sketcher-thingy-McDoodle. If you squint, you can almost tell I made the picture look a little better than what I started with. I only wish I had taken a screen shot when I was just beginning, because Oh my Goodness, what I had drawn was like the above… but only a thousand times more shoddy.

And this is the final paint chat window. Ya, I know, I have a lot of practice ahead of me. As you can see everything is in Japanese and I have no idea what I am doing at all time.

I did this stuff here:

(If Java doesn’t work in firefox, I’d try IE before doing any major unistalling etc etc)

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Epic Pchat

Nov. 22nd, 2008 12:37 pm
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Not bad for my second ever paint chat eh?  Sure there are many many things wrong with this picture.. but I kind of like it. And you know what? That pastel baby colored dragon back there, ya him, he’s very comfortable in his masculinity. [Could help that VietMan is there, but whatever. ] (Everyone, let’s ignore the fact that she is not wearing an áo dài, but some sort of … weird combination of a qípáo and her original costume. ) So I went back and edited a few very terrible errors out (I hope).

The cut to the full journal entry is very picture heavy so beware.


And that’ s all folks. Things started going downhill at about this slide and Viet even lost all her clothes.

and the final one fixed up a bunch so it sucked less.

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